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Western Kisses Release

It's out now!

Western Kisses is the fourth book in the Cowboy's of Aspen Valley series. This one was one of the hardest books to write and yet, when it was done, probably one of my favorites. I loved re-visiting Refuge Ranch, home of the Bannisters and Abby was a fun character to write. I enjoyed bringing the Bannister family together again for the anniversary of the ranch.

I do love writing about cowboys, but this time around I also got to incorporate something else I enjoy doing - photography. I'm no pro, but I do love taking pictures. In fact, when my husband and I travelled to Europe a few years ago, he took a picture of my behind as I was bent over to take some pictures of flowers and sent it to the kids, stating 'this was a view he saw a lot of'.

So funny my husband is, but I got a laugh out of it because it was true. Thankfully he was a good sport about my photography ventures. I've been through a few cameras and am still trying to figure out what the perfect combination is. Thing is, I've spent a lot of money on lenses and camera bodies, but, sad to say, the camera I use the most is the one on my phone! That's because I just about always have my phone with me and it's so dead easy to just whip it out and snap a quick pic or video. I remember in one photography course I took, the instructor said the best camera to use is one you'll always have with you.

Well, unfortunately, that's my iPhone. But in the meantime, my heroines, as I've said before, get to do the things I'd like to but don't always have time to get around to doing.

What about you? Do you like taking pictures? Do you use a dedicated camera or your phone?

Meantime, take care and I hope you have a chance to grab Western Kisses and enjoy Abby and Lee's adventures in romance.

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