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Books in Order


Read my books in the order that I have released them - click on the title to get to the series page

  1. The Only Best Place

  2. All in One Place

  3. This Place

  4. A Silence in the Heart

  5. Any Man of Mine

  6. A Place in Her Heart

  1. Homecoming

  2. Her Hearts Promise

  3. Close to His Heart

  4. A Divided Heart

  5. A Hero's Heart

  6. A Mother's Heart

RockyviewRomances Season One

  1. The Cowboy's Reunion

  2. The Cowboy's Family

  3. Taming the Cowboy

  4. The Cowboy's Return

RockyviewRomances Season Two

  1. Seeking Home

  2. Choosing Home

  3. Coming Home

  4. Finding Home

RockyviewRomances Season Three

  1. Ever Caring

  2. Ever After

  3. Ever Loving

  4. Ever Faithful

Millars Crossing Season One

  1. Country Romance

  2. Country Courtship

  3. Country Proposal

  4. Country Wedding

Millars Crossing Season Two

  1. A Family's Christmas

  2. A Family's Blessing

  3. A Family's Hope

  4. A Family's Promise

Aspen Valley Romances Season Two

  1. Western Hearts

  2. Western Wishes

  3. Western Romance

  4. Western Kisses

  5. Western Vows

  6. Western Blessings

Aspen Valley Romances Season One

  1. The Way Back Home

  2. The Way Back to Faith

  3. The Way Back to Hope

  4. The Way Back to Love

Aspen Valley Romances Season Three

  1. A Yearning Heart

  2. A Seeking Heart

  3. A Loving Heart

  4. A Tender Heart

Kittering Creek Romance Season One

  1. Love Like a Christmas Star

  2. Love Like a Cowboy's Smile

  3. Love Like a Country Song

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