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How Delightful

Newsletter - January 19, 2024

Goodly New Year to you all. I've been hunkered down the past week or so, hardly even venturing outside. We've been under an Arctic dome of veeeeery cold weather. 

I usually go out for a walk every day and tried a couple of times, but my lungs got sore in the cold air so, much to the disappointment of my two very tough dogs, I turned around after only ten minutes down the road.

Twenty minutes out in the very cold cold was enough fresh air for me.

I don't mind being inside though. My husband lit a fire in our woodstove and the house is cozy and warm and quiet without the furnace going off every few minutes.

It got so cold up here that we got a warning on our phones that the power company would have to resort to rolling blackouts if consumption didn't go down. So I turned off the lights we didn't need, unplugged anything that was charging up not thinking it would amount to much.

BUT, the next day we were told that after the alarm was sent out, power consumption dropped significantly over the province. Which was encouraging. It told me that me doing my little bit and neighbour doing their little bit and the other neighbour doing their little bit all added up to a lot of bits. So never think that the small thing you might be doing won't have an effect.

I'm sharing some pictures with you. The first is a benign looking winter scene with the smoke from our woodstove floating gently down into the air. the other is the temperature inside the house (+22 C) as well as the temperature outside the house (-42C - which is about the same as 48 below F) So, yeah. cold.

Whats the coldest temps you hit during this cold snap?


Leonard's Lines

So, yeah, cold. And Carolyne doesn't like walking in the cold. Which has been, well, not fun. I love going for our walks and I don't mind the cold. I don't even mind when I get icicles on my moustache.

I've got a thick, curly coat and she can't complain because she has a nice thick down-filled coat too.

But no, she's staying close to the fire. It's supposed to warm up soon so i live in hope.


And that's it for now. I'll be back again with more news.

Until next time stay warm and stay safe.

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