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Christmas Traditions

Newsletter - December 7, 2023

In this first week of Advent, we are slowly moving closer and closer to Christmas. I usually have things done in advance as much as possible but this year the grandkids were struggling with what they wanted for Christmas. I try to shop local as much as possible but my options in our small town of 4,000 is somewhat limited. The closest mall is a two hour drive away.

By the time they made their decisions and gave me some ideas, I knew I had no choice but to shop online. Now I'm checking and checking again to make sure the gifts will arrive on time. 

The kids don't expect much, but there are definitely some traditions they figure on.

One is a chocolate letter - the initial of their first name -  in their Christmas stocking. This is a peculiarly Dutch tradition and one that I've adhered to for years. Whenever our local bakery brings in the shipment of chocolate letters I know I need to be on the ball to make sure I get the right one for each child and grandchild. I've had to get creative if they run out of my letters. Using an E instead of an F. A W for an M. A V for an A.

This year I managed to get all the right letters so that's fun.

It's a cute tradition that dates way back. Apparently at one time the letters were made out of dough and were laid on the blankets that covered the chidren's presents so they could be identified. They were made out of chocolate later on when it became more popular and cheaper.

I thought I would share with you my collection of letters for this year.

I'm glad my family isn't a lot bigger - that would just make it harder.

Now it's your turn. What unconventional Christmas Tradition do you have?



I have been havin a lot of fun dreaming up goodies for the bakery my heroine in The Rancher's Heart owns.

The other day I had her making Macrons. Of course I had to find out how exactly to make Macrons. They are one of my granddaughters favourite things to have. So I thought it would be fun to try to make them next time she comes and stays a few days.

I'm finally finished this first book in the Kittering Creek series. Unfortunately it will be awhile before it comes out. I have a whiteboard that I write my goals and plans on. Once upon a time this book was supposed to be done end of September. That was before my summer and fall got busy and I was dealing with my mother's passing.

I will be glad with Anara and Morgan's story can be released into the world. Kittering Creek will be a place I hope you'll want to spend time in.


Leonard's Lines

So, Carolyne was gone for about five days. She headed down south to take care of the grandkids. She didn't take me along because she said I wouldn't enjoy the ride. She's right. I have a tendency to get a little anxious. This way she could just drive and listen to her audiobook The Rose Code and not have to deal with me.

I did miss her because she lets me in the house when she's working in front of her computer. I don't do much. Sleep on my dog bed, stretch, then sleep in the office. Get up, push my nose against her hand so she'll pet me. Which she always does (I'm irresistable - what can I say).

I'm glad she's back because we get to go for walks which I LOVE. Then I can justify sleeping in the house some more.


And that's a wrap. I wish you a blessed week and will be back with more reader information, news from our place and when he feels like it, Lines from Leonard.

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