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Got some fun new books to share

Greetings to you! Hope your summer/fall is going well. I say summer/fall because part of me doesn't want to admit that fall is coming, but when I look out of my office at the trees, I realize I can pretend all I want, but the leaves are inexorably changing colour. And it's getting cooler at night which is lovely. We've had a pretty warm, for us, summer. I even got AC installed something I always thought of as the height of luxury. Well, it is. Amazing to come into a cool house after working out side in the heat. I know the grandkids really appreciated it when they were over. My husband made them go out and pick roots. Not impressed. But coming back to a cool house and snacks made it better. Harvest is in full swing here. Combines and swathers and trucks everywhere. It's been a good year up here which is a blessing after all the wet years we've had. And I loved Aspen Valley so much and had so many other characters who needed their stories told that I started an entirely new series that also takes place in Aspen Valley. This series will be called Hearts of Aspen Valley. Because, well, Romance and....Aspen Valley which requires hearts to be involved. The first book in the series is about Liam Prins who comes back to Aspen Valley with his son, Matthew, determined to give him a safe and stable home environment around his family and Matthew's cousins. And then Matthew discovers Aubrey and is smitten. But Aubrey is not exactly the kind of person Liam wants Matthew to connect with. Besides, Aubrey is not going to stick around Aspen Valley. So he wants to protect his son, but the trouble is, Liam's own heart gets in the way. What to do? I had a bit of a kerfuffle with this book that had more to do with me being an air-head than anything. I have an amazing cover artist and she came up with the cover for this book. I loved it. And then, as I was going over the book one last time, I realized wait-a-minute! My heroine doesn't have long blonde hair. She has short dark hair. Initially I was going to change up the story but it just wouldn't work. Aubrey needed short black hair. This was part of her identity. So my long-suffering and patient cover artist made me a brand new cover. I'm showing you the before and after - just so you can see for yourself. The first cover - This was the first one. So pretty. So lovely. But not my heroine. The second cover - This is the second one. Also pretty - but much better. I'm really happy with both of them, but the second one is more what Aubrey is like. I know there has been complaints where people buy books and the heroine looks nothing like the cover. And i didn't want that. I don't have this book on pre-order yet. But I wanted to let you know it's coming. I won't be releasing it until October, but you'll be finding out more about the characters and getting a few snippets to whet your appetite.

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05 juil. 2023

God made only ONE of you in the whole, wide U N I V E R S E! How awwwww!some! Someday, sometime somewhere Upstairs, I wanna meet you, doll. sHe made only 1 of me, 2, and 1 of me is enough. Puh-Ray-Zah Gawwd!!! 'Laugh it up, fuzzball' -Han Solo, Hoth God! bless!! you!!! Cya soon... ● ● Won't you join me for the eternal dance??

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