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Do You Miss Home?

Newsletter - March 16

We've been gone for a couple of weeks on an incredible and amazing trip to Hawaii. This was my first trip and, if we can afford it,  I'm quite sure it won't be the last now that we've discovered what a wonderful place it is. I'm sharing a couple of pictures from the trip as one last memory for myself.

Under the banyan tree and sunset over the ocean. Amazing to see for a land-bound prairie couple!

And while I truly enjoyed my time in Maui, and I was really loving the idea of slipping on a tank top, shorts and sandals to go outside, by day 10 I was ready to go home. Even though it was cold and snowing back there, it's still home for me.

I'm back now looking out over a snowy landscape, the warm weather and waves just a memory. But someday I hope to work Maui and what I experienced into a story which is a way of revisiting that beautiful place as well.


Leoanard's Lines!

Carolyne was gone to Maui - didn't take me along. Sigh. But thankfully she left her daughter to stay behind and take me for long walks with her dog, Annie and the Other Dog - Rusy. She also took me to the groomer. I asked the groomer to take a bit off the top and sides.

Then this happened!

Oh well, thankfully my fur grows fast. At least I can look out of. my eyes now when I'm out for walks.

Which Carolyne promised would happen as soon as she was done mailing this out. I'll remind her in a bit, but for now I'm sleeping in the sun.


And that's a wrap. I wish you a blessed week and will be back with more reader information, news from our place and when he feels like it, Lines from Leonard.

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