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Western Vows



Come back to Aspen Valley in this fifth instalment of The Cowboy's of Aspen Valley. Set by a lake nudging up against the Rocky Mountains, Aspen Valley is a place you'll want to come back to again and again.

From USA today bestselling author, Carolyne Aarsen, comes the fifth book in the Cowboys Aspen Valley Homecoming series.

Take care of my wife.

These were the last words of Drake’s army buddy, Jim, as he lay dying in Drake’s arms. Now, on medical leave from the army, Drake is back in Aspen Valley, reconnecting with his family and determined to keep his promise to Jim by watching over his widow, Beth. He had heard so many stories about Beth, he was already half in-love with her before he’d even met her face to face. But the reality of seeing her, creates a connection he has a hard time denying.

Beth Carruthers, wished she could grieve as others did for her dead husband, but the Jim she knew was not the Jim others thought they did. Throughout her life she had learned to take care of herself and after Jim’s death, she had plans to leave Aspen Valley after her baby is born. When Drake comes to her in-laws farm he claims he’s here to help her. But she doesn’t need or want his help. She just wants to move on. However Drake has a quiet strength which she is drawn to. When she goes into labour, he is the only one there to help her. Stranded on the farm of her in-laws, she and Drake face secrets from the past that threatens their new-food love.


Will Drake be able to forgive himself and allow himself happiness? Will Beth be able to accept help and learn how to trust again? 

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Living life at the intersection of No and Where

I spend much of my days sitting in front of a computer immersed in other worlds with people so real to me I keep thinking some day they might give me a call and come over for coffee. I know it sounds a bit strange but all of us writers have our quirks.

I grew up in the city but have spent more years in the country and now consider myself a full-fledged 'country girl'.


It's a good life, out here. Other than the swish of the dishwasher (a heavenly sound), the occasional hum of the refrigerator and the click of my keyboard keys and the sound of my head banging against the desk when words won't obey life here is pretty good. Just the way I like it.


I've spent a lot of my life either reading or writing. Discovering characters that other authors write about and creating my own. I'm thankful that I can do this job. Thankful that I have readers to read the stories I tell.

I hope I can keep doing it until my fingers give out or I run out of stories. But as long as I keep going for walks, keeping reading other stories, keep daydreaming, I don't think that will happen.


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