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Waiting and Watching

Newsletter - April 26, 2023

Hey all,

Up here we've been watching the snow melt and wating and watching for signs of spring. We had gone on a trip to Vancouver Island where the weather was kinder and gentler and we definitely saw signs of spring there. It was a great trip and we hoped, that by the time we got back, the snow would be gone and spring would have arrived back here.

We were not disappointed. But spring comes slowly up here and we watch each day for more signs. I'll share two with you below:

One of our baby calves from our Highland cows. They are so adorable. I tried to get close but she started pawing the ground, so I left her be. But did grab this photo.

I was out and about on a walk through the trails back of the farm and was so excited to see this! Wild crocuses are a sign of hope and a promise of warm weather coming.

AND a couple of pitures from our trip to the Island (Vancouver Island). I couldn't ressit a picture of cherry tree. We don't have them here and they are so pretty!


Leonard's Lines

While Carolyne and the Boss were gone, I got to hang out at Anita's place. It was a lot of fun. I played tug of war with one of the horses with a hoodie and when it got wrecked, a stick.

And I got to hang out in front of the wood stove with this fun little guy, who, apparently, also likes hanging out.

But I was glad to be back home with Rusty and heading out each morning with The Boss to check the cows and work with the horses

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