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Spring Time Rainy Days and Greenhouses with Coffee Shops

As I write this, rain is spattering on our house roof. I love the sound of rain when I'm sitting inside nice and cozy with a cup of tea or my morning chai latte.

I make a chai latte every morning. I don't drink coffee, but I have to confess I'm getting to be rather addicted to my morning drink. It's taken me awhile to perfect it. Trial and error on top of trying to find the absolute perfect concentrate. I've tried to make chai concentrate myself. I found a recipe, went to a specialty spice store, bought cardomom pods, star anise, ginger, cinnamon sticks, cloves, peppercorns and nutmeg. I had to grind some of the spices. The smell was heavenly. I put it all into a pot, boiled it with tea. I was so excited to try my home-made chai and, even more important, know I could make it whenever I ran out instead of trying to chase down syrups and blends I couldn't find at times.

But I couldn't seem to get the right combination. It was either too bitter or not spicy enough.

I shopped around and finally found my perfect combo. My husband teases me when I make it. A few pumps of sugar free chai syrup, a dash of chai concentrate, oat milk and a sprinkle of powdered chai mix. Blend, heat and oh, yum! It hits all the notes. And I'm always sad when it's finished.

I also like a variety of tea's and bought myself a tea-bag organizer that holds about nine different types of tea.

How about you? What is your favourite warm drink?

I met my daughter in one of my favourite coffee shops in town this morning. We each had our favourite drinks and some lunch.

I've talked about this place before - combination coffee shop and greenhouse.

I've spent a lot of time and a lot of money here.

It's cozy and fun and has lots of personality.

Leonard's Lines

This is my early morning routine. I get up, stretch, then head upstairs and plop on my dog bed. I look around while Carolyne putters here and there. Get fooled when she heads downstairs and I think she might go outside to go for a walk. But she often just goes to her exercise room and shuts the door. She won't let me in because I like to supervise her stretches and exercise by licking her face. For some reason, she's not crazy about that. Then I head back upstairs, do another plop on the floor and wait. When she comes backupstairs she makes this spicy smelling drink that she calls a chai latte. She smiles when she drinks it. I prefer water.

When Richard gets up, I go into action. I wander over to the eating bar and wait again. Patiently. Because I know my cute adorable face will be rewarded with a piece of cheese. Happens every time! Ah, bliss. Not sure exactly what it tastes like because I eat it so fast. But I enjoy it.

As for the walk, not sure that's happening today. It's raining out and Carolyne is happy about that. Apparently so are the people around here called Farmers or something like that. I just know that for the past few weeks these Farmers have been driving down the road with their tractors and equipment and I'm not allowed to chase them. So sad. Instead, I have to chase rabbits and deer. They always run so that's fun too.

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