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No Schedule Summer

Newsletter - August 10, 2023

Summer always has a different rhythm. And at our place,  I'm sure it's not any different than most people.

In the spring, I look at the months of summer and imagine all the things I'm going to get done on the yard, on my house. Places I want to go and things I want to do. And then, slowly, the days slip by and accumulate into weeks.

We got some of the list done this year. After five years, I finally went to my sister's place close to Toronto and spent over a week with her. I didn't get all the stuff done I wanted to on my yard, though there's still time. I need to do some painting yet, some filling in of holes that, ahem, the dogs were busy with. We didn't do as much camping as we usually do. I am going to a Folk Festival with my son, something I've had on my list for many years.

So far, I have to say, it's been a good summer. I have a few weeks left for some of the plans.

I usually like to keep my work schedule kind of loose so that I have time for family, friends and a few holidays.

But, I still like to stay on top of my writing. I find if I spend too much time away from my story, it takes me that much longer to get back into the characters mind set and, quite frankly, to care about them.

Because I need to care what's happening with them. I need to be invested in their emotional, romantic and spiritual journey.

And now, as, like Leonard has been saying, I'm starting on a new series and I would love to know what kind of tropes or storylines you like to see in books?

And that's a wrap. Leonard is taking a break. Hopefully he'll be more loquacious next newsletter.

MeanwhileI wish you a blessed week and will be back with more writing news, stories from our farm and, when he's in the mood, lines from Leonard.

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