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Newsletter - May 18, 2023

Hey all. Hope this finds you well.

It's been smoky around here. Lots of wildfires burning. We've been getting alerts on our phones about evacuation orders so it's been a bit scary. We continue to pray for rain as it's been very dry here. And we pray for families who have had to evacuate.

I know it's the same in other places. People having to leave their homes because of fire.....or war....It's a reminder to me how little control we really have over our own lives.

This is a theme that resonates through some of my books. The idea of having to let go of control. It's something that the heroines of my Holmes Crossing series had to learn. I often use my heroes and heroines to learn my own lessons in life. For now I put my trust in God.

As for the books....when I first moved to where we live now, my husband and I would go for drives and I saw the sign for Holmes Crossing I kept it in the back of my mind and knew I would use it someday. Holmes Crossing isn't a real town, it's the name of a nature preserve.

And I did. Holmes Crossing kind of grew book by book. There are six in the series.

If you haven't read Leslie, Terra, Miriam, Tracy, Danielle and Becky's stories, here's your chance.

Come to Holmes Crossing for the stories, stay for the romance.

In Holmes Crossing there’s plenty of both. In these six books you’ll meet women who struggle’s are real, true and heartwrenching. At turns humorous, heartwarming and heart wrenching, these six sweet romances will help you lose yourself in the town of Holmes Crossing.

A place so real, you’ll want to come visit and get to know the people of this small town better. Come for the stories, stay for the pie and coffee.


Leonard's Lines

Carolyne has been going for regular walks and, if she has the time and inclination, bike rides after supper on her e-bike.

I think using an electric bike is cheating a bit - she should use the four feet God gave us -  but she says the gravel is hard to bike on with a regular bike.

But me and Rusty like to go along....for a little while. She bikes way further than we like to run, but it's still fun and I still get excited when she heads out. So that's a plus.


Life flows on here. The horses and cows are out on fresh pasture and they are loving it. So glad to be done with dry hay. We have a mae that is due to foal any day now. Every time I go out for my walk I stop and tell her that I feel her pain. So I hope the baby is born soon. I'll share pictures when it comes!

Take care and blessings to you. Stay safe wherever you are.

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