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Leonard's Lines - November 2, 2023

I've been banished from the upstairs of the house for a few days. And it's not even my fault! Richard made a whole bunch of soup from soup bones. Cooked them overnight and made the house smell so good I kept walking to the stove to see if maybye, possibly, I might get some of that yummy smelling stuff.

The next day, my dreams came true. Rich cut all the meat off the bones, and then let me and Rusty at them. Buuuuut...I ate a few too many bones. And they didn't agree with me. And I didn't agree with them. So I got rid of them, if you get my drift. In my kennel, on my dog bed and, even worse, on Carolyne's carpet in the living room.

Not so great, but so worth it! They were yummy.


Thankfully he got over that and is now happy running around and eating grass. Why? I don't know. I'm just thankful for the cold weather we had that froze up his favourite digging spot. Because I'm sure if he could, he would make it bigger.

Take care.

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