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Leonard's Lines

Newsletter - July 28, 2023

So, life here has been kind of boring. Rusty is gone with the other Boss up to the Yukon on an adventure and I got stuck at her sister-in-law's farm while Carolyne went to visit her sister in Ontario. Now she's back and I'm back and....sigh....I keep looking for Rusty, then forget he's not around. I have been waiting at the top of the stairs at times, but neither Rusty, or the other Boss show up. So I go to my dog bed and sleep.

Carolyne thinks I might be depressed. Maybe, but I'm also bored. She won't run around the cow herd and through the horse pasture with me. And she doesn't want to bark at coyotes. She just sits in front of her computer and tap, tap, tap. Yawn. She says she's writing another series and, sure, I guess that's interesting for her.

Me. Not so much. She hasn't been able to take me for many walks because it's been raining, so, there's that too.

Oh well. I'll just have to wait until Rusty shows up again. Then life will be more fun.


I do feel bad for Leonard that he doesn't have his running-around-the-farm buddy with him. And he needs me to pet him regularly, so I do. And then he sighs and goes back to his dog bed.

Like he said, it's been raining which we are very thankful for. But not only has it meant we haven't gone on lots of walks, it also means my lawn is starting to look like Leonard could get lost in it! Hopefully I can get to it in a few days when it looks like the forecast is a bit better.

Summer is flying by and I'm keeping busy with this, that and the next thing. And the 'next thing' always shows up.

Started writing on the first book in my new series. Got 500 words done....not a lot, but it's a start. And that always feels good. Once I get to know the characters a bit better, I'm sure I'll have more story to tell.

Meantime, you take care and we'll chat again.

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