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I'm in retreat... and denial

Newsletter - October 26, 2023

I'm sitting in my cozy office, with music playing in the background while I write. And I'm looking out the lovely bay window of my snow.

Sigh. I mean, I know they call Canada the Great White North, but not in October. Please?

No thank you. I'm hoping it won't last. That we'll get some warmer weather, but this far into October, I'm not super optimistic. 

I normally don't mind the winter. I like hunkering down, staying close to home only going out in my AWD Subaru with it's winter tires when I absolutely have to. And the first snow of the season always hits different than further into the winter when I'm used to seeing snow on the road.

Thankfully I've got all my plant pots cleaned out. The patio furniture winterized - as in I put the cushions in my garage.

So I'm kind of ready for it. Kind of.

Oh well, we carry on. I'm thankful I have this cozy office to work in.

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