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Feb = Library Month

Okay, I realize that subject may have been a bit tricksy, but it's February and, apparently, which, among other month-long commemorations like Black History Month, is also National Library Month.

And I'm all on board with that. I love libraries. Always have. I remember, as a kid, every other Saturday my mom would pack us in the car and we'd head to the Calder Library. I can still resurrect the echo of our feet on the stairwell going up to the large double doors at the top. Opening them up and being greeted by the smell of books, old carpet and possibilities. While dear Mom went through the tedious job of checking in the books, we fanned out, headed to our favourite sections. I had a time that I was obsessed with historical England and would find anything to do with their kings and queens and princesses. Thanks to a set of junior fiction books, I knew all about King Henry and his wives and his children and his cousins and aunts and the whole convoluted family tree and the power struggles.

I discovered stories of women scientists, folklore, fantasy via Narnia and The Lord of the Rings.

Oh the joys when I would gather the books I was allowed to take out (never enough) and while I waited for my slow-poke siblings to get out their books, I would tuck myself away in a corner of the library, hidden by the shelves and dive in.

I have always loved reading. Loved reading. Still do. I have my own shelves of books that I linger over, re-read at times, add to. Sometimes I have to weed out books to make room for more but mostly I double stack and layer.

The above are two pictures of our local library that is not huge, but it's ours! Its part of the school and during the day, if you hit the right time, you'll hear the noisy entrance of kids coming in to bring books back, take books out. The energy always makes me smile.

I love libraries and we need to support them as much as possible. They are a free gateway to so many books. Okay, maybe not exactly free. I have to pay $15.00 a year for access, but really, pretty close to free considering how many books it gives me access to all over our province.

Do you have a favourite library? Do you visit it often? Let me know!

Leonard's Lines

So, I don't know what Carolyne's problem is. It takes her forever to get dressed. I mean, I head out to door, ready to go. Doesn't matter how cold or warm. But her, she's got to put on special boots, a certain coat for one kind of weather another for other weather. A toque, sometimes mittens, sometimes gloves. It. Takes. So. Long.

I like to check on her to make sure she's actually taking me out for a walk and not tricking me by going out the back door to the garage where the car is parked. But it's always fun even though she can't figure out why we get so excited when we basically have only four options. North, South, East or West. We don't care. There's always something new to smell.

the other day, though, we got kind of scared. The night before a wolf was howling about 300 yards away from the house. At night. It echoed through the trees. Thankfully Carolyne let us inside. Those wolves are huge and I wouldn't want to tangle with one. Glad we had a house to hide in.

Leonard's a good dog and usually pretty brave, but I didn't blame him about the wolf. That was such an eerie sound and so close to the house. Thankfully none of our livestock or horses were taken down by it. That can happen too!

And that's a wrap. Wishing you a blessed week and hope you get some reading in!

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