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Ever Read a Book That made you say?..... (newsletter - March 3, 2024)

....I want to be able to do this? To transport people, to touch their hearts and souls? To bring them so completely to another place that they believe it either really happened or is real?

That's how I felt when I read the book, The Moonflower Vine.

I've been a romance reader most of my life and when I was a young woman I devoured them. One after the other. When I was newly married, living on the farm and before we had children, I would stay in the house after lunch, race through my current novel and then shove it under the couch if I heard the door open. You NEVER get caught reading in the middle of the day, let alone reading romance novels.

I still read a lot of other books. Enjoyed some, didn't enjoy others. 

And then, I got hold of this book. I honestly can't tell you how I discovered it. I can't remember. I just know that I read it and re-read it and re-re-read it. I bought myself three copies so that if I leant one out, I would have another one to lend out and another one just in case I didn't get one of the other one's back.

My sister made me this decoration out of a copy of the book because she knew it was my favourite. 

It's a wonderful book with evocative writing and intriguing characters. In fact, I think I might have to read it again.

Leonard's Lines

We got a bunch of snow and the temperature dropped.

Carolyne gave me a treat, a cuddle then told me we weren't going O. U. T. for a W. A. L. K. I am not sure what those sounds mean but from the sad look on her face I think I figured it out. No walk. I keep hoping though.

I'm allowed to be in the house and I went to her office and pushed my nose on her lap to see if she would get dressed and head out with me and Rusty.  She gave me a pet, stroked my head and then stood up. Oh. Hope! But no, she went and got this small contained of something that I remembered and I scooted away from her.

No way is she putting that vile stuff in my ear again. I'll keep shaking my head, making my ears flap, thank you very much!

He can run, but I'll get him when I work up enough energy to pin him down. He really has been shaking his head a lot the past few days so I know his ear is bothering him.

Take care for now and we shall talk again!

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