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Crisp air and compelling characters

October 13, 2023 Newsletter

The leaves are coming down and the larch are turning colour. Fall has it's own magic and melancholy. We are thankful, up here, for every beautiful day of sun that we've been getting. Crisp cool mornings that slowly ease into warm and sunny afternoons. Geese are honking overhead each morning and settle in the fields. That is, until I come by with the dogs on our daily walk.

My husband usually takes care of the garden and has been harvesting the onions, potatoes and the carrots. We had ideal growing conditions - too ideal for some of the vegetables. Some of the carrots got so huge, they split. So we've been feeding them to the horses. They've gotten so that whenever they see me coming by, they expect a delightful orange treat.

My husband is heading out this weekend for a get together for a Wilderness Society that he's a part of and asked if I wanted to come. I asked if I needed to pack a suitcase. He said yes. I said no, thank you. I'm staying home.

The last two months I've spent enough time on the road, packing and re-packing suitcases that I'd just as soon not have to rummage one more time through my cosmetic bag deciding what to take and what to leave behind.  Going through my clothes and trying to figure out how much I should over pack. (I always over pack. Like my daughter-in-law once told me "I'd sooner look at it than look for it")

I like being home and I really like being able to get back to work on my stories. I had these characters hovering in the back of my mind, waiting sometimes impatiently, for their story to be told.

And now I can spend the time working on them.

I have lots of plans for my fictional town of Kittering Creek and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you. For now, here's a sneak peek of one of the streets of the town. I want to make it a place people want to come and visit. A place that, for awhile at least, you can get away from the noise of everyday life and experience someone else's lives. Follow their journey as they deal with their own difficulties and, as they find their happy ever after.

As one writing instructor once told me, every story is a promise and my promise to you is to let you experience the ups and downs, joys and sorrows of my characters as they work their way back to hope, healing and happy ever after.

Kittering Creek

I've been foolilng around with some image programs and for now, this is how I imagine the bakery where the first story takes place will look. I will probably be doing some tweaking, but this is part of my small town inspiration. Like I said, I want the town to be welcoming, and friendly.

I'll be doing more of the main street buildings over time, but so far, this is the bakery!

Next up, photos of how I imagine my hero and heroine will look like. When I'm writing, I like to have an actual picture or some type of representation of how they look so I can better write my scenes.


Leonard's Lines

We had more dogs come and visit and that was actually kind of, sort of fun. You can't see Rusty in this picture, but you can see Annie and Skadi. If you look really close, that's me on the far right, jumping. I get kind of excited when other dogs come for walks with me.

We go for lots of walks now that Carolyne is back in her routine. She likes to talk while she's walking. I never know if she's talking to me or if she's working out some story problem. So I come running back to her, she pets me and then a bird flies by or a deer runs across the road and I have other things to do. I'm glad she's back and I'm glad we can go for walks again. I suppose I could go on my own, but it's more fun with Carolyne.

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