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Small Town stories

This was a newsletter from February 14, 2024

First off, Happy Valentine's Day.

I have to confess, Valentine's Day is not always such a big deal around here. I buy some Lindor chocolate hearts and sometimes make a special dinner. And that's okay with me. My husband is a great man, but gets stressed about the romance stuff. Flowers, chocolates. Our local store helps out by having all that stuff available, but that means a trip to town. Doesn't always work.

Speaking of town -  I write about small towns. I love small town life.

I grew up in the city, but I have always been drawn to stories about small town living. To be honest, I kind of romanticized the idea of small town living. When I got married to a farmer, I became a part of our small town community and discovered the positives and, yes, the negatives of small town life.

I thought I would share some of my experiences.

  1. The time I, as a new driver, hit the ditch on my way to the store, had to get pulled out by a passerby, drove to the store and found out everyone there already knew what happened to me.

  2. The time I went to the doctor, shortly after we were married, and I met someone in the doctor's office and they knew my name, where I was from, who I was married to and that I might be pregnant.

  3. Going to the store after dealing with a death in the family and getting hugs on every aisle, from most everyone I met.

  4. Teaching pre-school Sunday School many years ago, and now, seeing some of THOSE kids married with kids the same age.

  5. Struggling to contain my tendency to tell jokes about other people when I might be telling the joke to their aunt, nephew, cousin or brother-in-law.

  6. Taking our grandkids to our local cafe, chatting with people there, going grocery shopping or picking up minerals for the cows and chatting some more and then having our city grandkids look at us in surprise and ask, "Do you know Everybody??"

I do enjoy our small town. I enjoy the connections and community and, yes, sometimes even the nosiness. It's not always meant unkindly. And if it is, you usually know the person and are able to put it all in perspective.

I know it's not all wonderful. There's gossip and and actions and unkind words that can be hard to forgive, even harder to forget. 

But it's a good place and I'm thankful for our community.

All of these connections with people, some more intense than others, made me love the television show, The Gilmore Girls. I loved the quirky characters, the solid people. the everyday life that the show portrayed. The romances were also fun to watch.

Again, didn't like all of the aspects of the storylines, but again, that's small towns as well.

And that's it for now! Blessings to you!

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