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Maui - Newsletter from March 2024

Back home from Maui. From Sun to Snow.

I changed up the picture on my header because I needed a reminder of how wonderful our trip was. And how thankful and grateful I am that it all went so well.

Ten days in sun and green and water and tropical temperatures was good for our family, for our connections and our souls.

I am beyond thankful for your reassuring words and prayers that all would go well and despite a difficult drive and snow coming down, the plane took off as planned, we made our connection and landed safely in Maui. We were tired but so thankful to have arrived safely. All that worrying....wasted! (Thankfully)

The trip was, as I said, such a blessing. To be able to spend time with our enitre family for ten days with no major obligations other than a few outings we had planned, was a balm to our souls. Some of the family really needed the break and we were all so thankful for beautiful weather and for time together.

This is just a small sampling of the trip. I didn't put in the food trucks, the chickens everywhere, the eating out and the Road to Hana, turtles or snorkelling and, of course shopping! Always fun to do in a different place.

All in all it was a fantastic trip and one I know we will look back on with very, very fond memories.

And just for a reality check....this is what we left and what we came back to.

People say March is hard, but up here, April is what I call the Heartbreak Month. Just when you think the snow is all gone, another storm comes in and the snow dumps down. Thankfully the forecast is for warm temps so it won't stick around.


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