Would you rather.. if you were stuck in a snow storm...

Oh the weather outside is frightful...Beautiful, but frightful. Lots of snow and wind and blowing. Then freezing rain to make the roads a delight to drive and walk on.

Thankfully I have a warm home and good winter boots and my faithful walking companions.

However yesterday it was one of those 'hunker at home' days. The snow was coming down sideways and the wind was blowing and I was glad I didn't have anywhere to be. I tried to go for a walk just to get some fresh air, but the air was a little toooo fresh. I almost froze my face it was so cold and windy.

So back I went with two very disappointed dogs.

I'm pretty glad I have a nice cozy home to come back to. The only thing I would really like to have is a wood-burning fireplace. That would be the icing on the cake.

What about you? Do you like to curl up by a fire or do you prefer a furnace giving you your heat?

Or maybe where you live is nice and warm and you are chuckling at our piles of snow.


Country Romance

Unless it's a Christmas book, I don't write about winter very often because we live it for so many months of the years. I have one out right now that I'm sure some of you have read. If not, check it out. It's a baby on the doorstep story but the baby is five and the woman bringing him is only doing it as a favour to a friend who passed away. Then she's on her way again.

When she gets stranded in a snowstorm with the handsome father of the boy and his precocious twins, she starts to re-think her plans.

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