What do you use to read your books?

Hey all.

I feel like life has been rolling over me, making me feel like I'm always just a bit behind.

It's not a bad feeling, but I'm trying to stay on top of things. Because, in a week my husband and our two granddaughters leave for the Netherlands for a three week trip! I'll try to keep you posted about the trip while I'm there but we'll see how the internet connection works for me.

I'm excited and nervous and has added an extra layer of busyness to my life these days. Remembering what to pack, remembering all the pre-boarding stuff. Hope everything goes well.

Between all the other stuff going on, I've been working on a new series that I hope to talk about in a few months. This series of five books also takes place in Aspen Valley.

You'll find out about some members of the Prins family as well as see what happens with Brooke and her so-far unrequited love for George Bamford, cook at the Grill and Chill.

Stay tuned..

In the meantime, I'm involved in a new compilation that will be coming out on October 25th. I know it's a ways away, but me and our fellow authors are trying to build up some buzz about the box set. Technically it's not really a box set because you can only get it in e-book.

I've teamed with 21 other amazing and talented authors like Liz Isaacson, Lacy Williams, Melissa McClone, Natalie Dean and many others to come up with 22 stories about Cowboys and Christmas

Right now, we're trying to collect pre-orders and for those of you who read on Apple Books, you can pre-order by clicking on the picture or, the button below.

I know Winter has come and, hopefully gone, but just in case you are the kind of person who thinks about Christmas all year round, you can get ready for these Cowboy stories to land onto your device October 25th by ordering now.

These books will be available in one collection on all the platforms - Apple, Barnes and Noble and, of course, Amazon. But for now, the group of us is focussing on Apple so if you have an iPad or iPhone that you prefer to read on, you can pre-order it now.

For the rest, life flows on. Our cows are calving and the babies are so adorable. Little fuzzy things. One of our mares is supposed to foal, but my husband is convinced she will while we are gone! I hope not. I love seeing those babies. And, even more important, my husband likes to be around as soon as possible so he can imprint and connect with the baby.

I should go and get a few other things done. I hope you are doing well and that spring has come to your neck of the woods as well.

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