Thieves in the night.... while camping...

Camping adventures

Thanks for shared camping stories. I loved the one from one reader where she talked about borrowing coals from another fire.

This made me think of a fun camping trip we had to the Grand Canyon. It was a phenomenal trip and the campsite was pretty nice. The only downside, we had to buy firewood. We're not used to that up our way. We have an entire woodshed filled with the stuff so it seemed weird to purchase. But we didn't pack any along. Illegal for one thing and cumbersome for another. So purchase it we did.

We had a reasonable stash of it piled by our fire pit. Then, one morning we went to start the fire for breakfast and our firewood was gone. Someone had absconded with our precious and expensive bit of wood. So off to buy some more and grumble about people and how rude they could be and why would you do that etc.

That evening, the group of young fellows camped across from us looked like they were having trouble getting their car going. My husband and son, being the kind and considerate people they are, offered to help. We had booster cables, got it going and they were very grateful. We sat and chatted and found out a bit more about them. They were on their way out.

Then, the next morning, we were surprised to see our firewood pile had grown. And a couple of the sticks looked like they had been partly burnt.

We suspected the young men across the way had taken them then felt badly after we helped then. Just a guess, but we don't think we were too far off the mark. Nice that they were repentant thieves.

And makes for a great story

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