Take me Away.... in a helicopter

The snow has been sticking around up here in the Great White North so my husband and I decided to take a trip to where the snow is only up on the high mountain peaks.

We have a son who lives in a town called Penticton and he told us he'd already been golfing there, so we packed up and went. Of course we made it a two day venture (it's over twelve hours of driving) and stopped in to see the grandkids on our way out. And then we made an amazing drive through the mountains. Whenever we make that drive, I'm always overwhelmed with the beauty of creation and how small we are.

Then we arrived at our final destination. It was so great to see our son and his girlfriend again. We stayed in his house a few days, then onto a spacious Air BnB we had rented a few blocks from his place.

My husband and I live on a farm in the country and the nearest cafe and grocery store is a twenty minute drive on gravel roads.

Our son's house is within walking distance of downtown and the beach and a lovely walking/biking trail. So we parked our car and it didn't go anywhere for a number of days. We went biking, walking and latte drinking and out for dinner to the fabulous restaurants close by. We went to some wineries in the area and had a lovely bike ride around one of the lakes there. 55 kilometres and my behind was a bit tired!

But the highlight of the trip was something my son and his girlfriend had cooked up and warned us about. It was a surprise, but they wouldn't tell us what it was. I was confused and puzzled, but the day of the 'Event' as they were calling it, we got in my son's car and the airport in Penticton. And then I clued in as to what the adventure was.

Helicopter ride! Our son is a Search and Rescue volunteer and knows a few helicopter pilots and he and his girlfriend had arranged this trip. It was phenomenal. These are only a few of the incredible view.

One of the interesting things about a helicopter is the many places it can land. Part of the trip was a picnic on the mountainside. Except I couldn't see any place to land. It was all so rocky and steep. But I didn't reckon with the experience of our pilot.

So with me watching in amazement, he flew around looking for a spot, found it, and lowered the helicopter easily down onto what looked like an impossible small space. Of course it got bigger as we got closer, but still....

We unpacked the lunch we had bought on the way and, with a stunning view of the lake and valley, we sat down and had lunch. Best lunch ever.

Then it was on to visit a couple of wineries. I tell you, I have never felt more like a VIP, landing in a helicopter at a winery! Then it was home and a chance to re-live the trip. Unbelievable!

I am fairly sure that somewhere along the line, my characters will either ride in a helicopter or, maybe I might even make on of my heroes a pilot. I love living out my own dreams in the lives of my characters!

What kind of occupations do you like to read about in books and stories? What kind of occupations do you think any of my future heroes should have? Let me know.

The hero in my upcoming book isn't a helicopter pilot. He's surprise, a cowboy. I know I write about cowboys a lot. It's the hat....

He's a cowboy but he's also a father and when his former love, Heather Bannister comes back into his life for a temporary visit, he knows he has to protect his heart and his daughter's.

Western Romance is coming up for sale in a couple of weeks. Right now you can get it on pre-order, so you don't have to think about buying it! I'll let you know the day it goes up for sale, of course.

Western Romance is the third in the Cowboy's of Aspen Valley series and in it you'll get to revisit Refuge Ranch, home of the Bannisters.

Meantime, take care and stay safe.

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