Silence can be Golden

I am a little behind in Blog posts - this is one from January....

Things have been kind of quiet in our house lately - mostly because I've been fighting a bad cold. I think it's Covid but I didn't get tested because I figured it was easier just to stay home and isolate and after Christmas, didn't think it was such a hardship! We had a lovely Christmas season. Our kids came out and the grandkids came out and even though it was hovering around -32 C we still had lots of fun together.

And after everyone left, I got sick. So I drank tea, curled up in my recliner with my comfy blanket, some books and let myself be sick.

Then, once I got better, I cleared away all the Christmas decorations and got rid of the tree.

In one of my newsletters I asked you if you prefer real or fake trees. Boy did I got a LOT of letters about that! Many of you said that you prefer a fake tree because of the mess. And I was thinking about them as I was vacuuming up the needles. However, there is something very satisfying about that ticking noise as the needles go up the stick of the vacuum cleaner.

Anyhow, my house is back to normal and I'm feeling much better. Enough to finally send out a newsletter. It may be late, but it's full of some great stuff.

Read on to find out.

New Release!

Western Wishes, the second book of The Cowboys of Aspen Valley is out now.

In it you'll meet Tanner Fortier, a good man who is determined to finish what his deceased step-brother started. Win at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. And in honour of his brother, he wants to do it on his brother's saddle. Only one problem with that. He wants the maker of the saddle to fix it.

That means going back to Refuge Ranch. Which also means facing the girl who broke their engagement off without telling him why.

The girl who, though she broke his heart, still holds it in her callused hands.

Find out more about Tanner and Keira and come back to Aspen Valley for more cowboys and ranches and sweet romance.

It's up on the Amazon store now. Click on the book cover or the button below.

This book was previously released as Her Cowboy Hero.

Buy Western Wishes now.

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