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Reunions Warm My Heart

Newsletter - May 10, 2023


I want to introduce you to Ivory and Sherman. They come from the same mare and the same stud. Born a year apart. They are our grandson and granddaughter's horses. They. have been apart for most of the winter but. now are back together again. It was so cute to see them nuzzling and rubbing their heads against each other.

Reunited... again. :)

There's something touching about reunions. At times.

Other times, reunions can cause tensions and bring up emotions and feelings one might want to leave behind.

I like writing reunion romances for that reason. All the feelings that can swirl around meeting someone from the past that the hero or heroine thought they had buried.

I like giving my hero and heroine a second chance at getting it right. At one time they cared for each other. At one time, the other person mattered.

Until....something happened.

The other part of reunion romances that I like is the built-in conflict.

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