Renovations Finished

The renovations are completed. The baseboard is on.

And I'm moved into my office!

This is very exciting for me. While I loved my old office, it needed some updating. I had a very uncomfortable hide-a bed for when all the kids were up and no one liked sleeping on it.

Plus, I am starting to sew more and the space I was using was getting cramped.

Thankfully my husband was looking for a project. I showed you what I had moved into, now you get to see the new digs. Just for context, I'm throwing in one 'before' picture.

The picture with the couch and the cupboards shows where the Murphy Bed is. And that's one of the most amazing parts. A bed that folds up and, best of all, is a queen-size bed. So when my husband is snoring too loud, I can just go across the hallway, pull the bed down (already made up) and crawl in. Love. It.

I'm moving stuff in slowly because I don't want to clutter it up.

Best part - I've already had a couple of naps in the recliner.

I hope this new space will inspire me to write more and better books! Or at least carry on with writing books.

Some of you have shared your renovation stories. Always interesting to read and thanks for sharing your stories.

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