It only takes a little….

Updated: May 22, 2021

I've been baking bread for decades now. Decades.

I used to bake it all by hand. Mix it up, let it rise, make the loaves. Then I got a Bosch and I only had to add ingredients and then, make the loaves.

Then my husband and I inherited a bread maker from our son. Now all I have to do is mix in the ingredients, hit a button and walk away.

Regardless of the process the ingredients have stayed the same. Flour, egg, oil, salt and yeast. I used to say them out loud as I mixed up the bread so I wouldn't forget. Because it has happened. We've had to struggle our way through 5 loaves of bread without salt. And you don't know until you eat it that it's missing. Such a small thing and it makes such a big difference.

Same thing with yeast. So small. The little pile between the two loaves of bread shows you how much I forgot to add to the first batch of bread. So little. The loaf on the right side has yeast. And what a difference that small amount can make.

I think we often thing we have to do big things to make a difference. I think we have to realize that small things can be important or are necessary as well.

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