Look to the sky.. and be amazed..

So far it has been an incredible Fall season. The leaves have stayed on the trees longer than usual and now the tamarack, or as many people call it, the larch trees are in their full glory. It's just a blaze of orange against the spruce trees. If you don't know about tamarack trees, they shed their needles every year but only after they turn a blazing orange.

And while they are stunning, the other night we got to see something even more stunning. We had an incredible display of the Northern Lights. Or, again, as other people call it, The Aurora Borealis.

I was ready to go to bed and my son texted me, from downtown Edmonton, to tell me that they were out. So I figured if he could see them in the middle of the city with all the lights blazing, they'd have to be pretty bright.

They did not disappoint.

So I'm sharing a few pictures of what I saw that night. I didn't use my fancy Canon camera, just my phone. But they still turned out amazing. Of course, you can never really capture them completely. They were dancing and weaving and filled most of the sky. Incredible. I realize how blessed we are to be able to see this from time to time. My aunt had come to visit from the Netherlands one year and she got to see them as well. Doubly meaningful, as she will never make the trip over again. Have you ever seen the Aurora?

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