It can seem futile..

..but it's so much fun

I started a new hobby. Well, a kind of new hobby. I've always loved sewing but lately I've been drooling over quilt patterns and fabric and making plans for quilts. I've made exactly two quilts in my lifetime. The was before kids and before I started sewing for them. But now, I've started making plans again.

Too bad I only have a limited number of beds to make quilts for because my dreams are unlimited.

This is a quilt I've started for a bedroom downstairs. The blocks are huge and it should go quickly. I wanted to start with something simple and quick for my first official quilting project.

My husband has been watching this process and he can't understand it. I've heard more husband make the same comment. First you buy the fabric whole. Then you make it smaller by cutting it up, then you make it bigger again by sewing it back together.

I just ignore him and carry on.

And I never, ever tell him how much the fabric cost and what I'm going to do with the leftover fabric. Because no matter how careful I ever was with sewing, I always, always had leftover fabric.

My husband's mother, when she was alive, was watching me make my first quilt and shaking her head at the fact that I bought Brand New Fabric to make the quilt! The quilts she made were from old clothes cut up and sewn together in a 'crazy quilt'. Using what she already had. There was something very satisfying about that and also created some fun conversations as the kids would lay on the bed pointing out the various items of clothing they once wore. It made for good memories.

However, I'm not that frugal. And I like to be able to pick my colors and patterns. So I head down to Homestead Fabric and drool over all the bolts of cloth and dream of many other quilts I will make.

And because it's often been a dream of mine to own a fabric shop, I decided I would give one to one of my heroine's, Karissa. I don't know if you've had a chance to read her story but you can by clicking on the cover or the button above.

What about you? Do you quit? Did you ever re-make old clothes into quilts?

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