I'm Falling for Fall

Letting go

I have always had mixed feelings about Autumn. I find it such a delightful and yet melancholy time of the year. I feel like I'm waiting, holding my breath.

The leaves are changing colour up here in Northern Alberta. On Saturday my husband and I drove down through Alberta and it was mile after mile of glorious colour. I couldn't help smiling as we drove. The words, all nature sings, ran through my mind.

And yet, despite the beauty, I felt a touch of melancholy. Soon those leaves will fall, the colour will be gone and, then, winter will come.

To be sure winter has it's own beauty. The sparkle of sun on the snow covering the ground can also be glorious. But snow means cold. Icy and snow-covered roads.

I'm not ready to face that.

So for now I'm enjoying the fall colours, the beautiful weather we've been enjoying. Trying not to think too far ahead. Just enjoying the moment.

This mentality has been something I've been trying to cling to over the past year. Be in the moment. If it's good, enjoy it. If not, pray it will pass.

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