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Hello and snowy greetings from here.

My husband and I had to go to the city yesterday and I was so glad he was driving. It's a two hour drive and the snow was blowing and it was very, very cold outside.

We made it back to our appointments. Visited my dear mother and then scooted home before the sun set. Which happens very early up here.

Anyhow, this is just a quick note. I'm buried in edits on my third Hearts of Aspen Valley Book. It's been a book that has taken much longer to finish than I had hoped so I really want it off my desk and onto my editor.

So that's all I really have to tell you. Life flows on up here. I am always happy when I can stay home and not have to venture out into the cold. I took the dogs for a walk the other day. They were thrilled.

I almost got frostbite from the chilly wind. So it goes.

Blessings to you as you prepare for this holiday season.

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