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Updated: May 22, 2021

We just came back from a wonderful trip to Mexico with our kids and grandkids. We had a fabulous time. We also thought it would be fun to take in another excursion off the resort we were staying at. Just to break things up.

While we were sitting at the beach a man came up to us with a number of laminated photos a spiel and a winning smile. “Don’t take those pricey tours they want to sell you at the resorts,” he said. “Take this one.” He then proceeded to tell us about this amazing adventure. A mere twenty minute drive to a harbour where we would board a private catamaran, which would take us to a quiet reef where we could snorkel, then on to a buffet lunch on another beach then off to the private beach with the most amazing sand in all of Mexico.

We were captivated. Who doesn’t like the idea of ‘private boats and amazing sand beaches that are the best’. So we signed up.

Turned out the only thing that he was right about was the beautiful sand.

The trip wasn’t anywhere near twenty minutes – closer to an hour and change. We shared a catamaran with about thirty other people, the snorkeling adventure was as crowded as Mt. Everest in May with other ‘private’ boats loaded with other people who had fallen for the same spiel. The buffet was…..questionable.To get to the private beach we had to walk through a crowded, hot busy street avoiding people who were also hoping to get us to buy something.

The beach was crowded and we had to rent a table and chairs and umbrella if we wanted to sit.

We assumed that possibly the ‘private’ part of the beach number was the fact that the beach might have been privately owned.

We were rather annoyed, hot and felt taken advantage of, however the kids were oblivious to the fabrication we had fallen for had fun playing in the truly beautiful sand so that was a plus. And on the way home, as the sails were put up, the radio (which had been blasting steadily at us) was turned off and we could enjoy quietly skimming over the stunning water in the shade of the sail. So that was a nice way to finish it all off.

However, as got off the boat, I realized something. The salesman had done his job very well. We bought into the whole thing because we wanted the idea of private, special. Only for us. And he built on that, milked it and sold us the dream we had spun out of his words.

I spin words too. And I realize the responsibility of my words. I know that with my words I bring people through a journey with my characters.

However I want that journey to be true and honest. I want people to think that my characters could be actual people living some place. I hope that as you read my stories you aren’t thinking that I am trying to sell you something just so I can get something in return. I love to tell my stories and to take my characters on a journey that will encourage and help you.

The sand WAS beautiful though!!!

And after slipping the captain a few dollars to turn off the stereo, the ride back was silent and amazing. So, you take the good and let it flow over the rest.

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