Stuck on you

Updated: May 22, 2021 was a nice sunny fall day and I was working at my computer, editing my latest book when I heard a gentle knock on the door and my husband put his head into my office. He's usually not so tentative about coming into my office. He knows if the door is shut I'm working but he also knows that most any time of the day he's allowed to come in and sit on 'his' chair and I'll stop to chat.

So this time I was curious as to why he was being so careful.

Found out why. The tractor was stuck and he needed me to drive another tractor borrowed from the neighbors to pull our tractor out. He knows I'm not a huge fan of big equipment. Oh, I've driven tractors and wheel loaders and line skidders and even a dozer once. But not my favourite thing to do. Especially if it means pulling another piece of heavy equipment out of yet another mess.

But he caught me at a good time. Editing was going well, the sun was shining and I didn't mind to go outside for awhile. So out I went. He showed me how to operate the new tractor - I had to the pulling while he did the driving. We got out to the tractor and I realized why he needed my help.

Yep. It was stuck. So he hitched up the tow rope and I got into the front tractor.

I snapped this after a safe pulling-out-moment. I wanted to take pictures while I was pulling the tractor out but I didn't dare. Too focussed on making sure I had the throttle engaged enough and making sure I didn't jerk while pulling.

So he hooked up to the bale wagon with the unstuck tractor and this is me, driving the other tractor and happily out and following my husband home.

The things we do for love ----and fresh air.

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