Christmas Tree - Real or Fake?

Every Christmas my husband and I have the same discussion.

Real Christmas tree?

Fake Christmas tree?

Actually it's less of a discussion than me floating the idea of a fake tree and my husband just giving me That Look.

The one that can say so much. Mostly it says, "Don't Even Bother".

My husband's rationale for a real tree does make a lot of sense. He's been a carpenter, a logger and a sawmill owner. He's worked with wood in one form or another most of our married life. He spends a lot of time out in the forest (or, as we call it over here The Bush).

A fake tree goes against everything he values and has valued.

MY rationale for a fake tree is I can set it up when I want. I can get the kind that has the lights pre-installed saving me from precariously perching on top of a wobbly stool stringing lights and having them not look as good as I imagined. I can have a tree that is full and fluffy.

And while my husband usually can find a decent tree, we've had a few Charlie Brown Christmas trees. Some with huge gaps in them, wonky branches. My husband says it adds to the charm and makes each tree unique.

And then there's the scent from a real tree that can't really be replicated by candles or diffusers.

This year, once again, my husband went out to The Bush, chainsaw in hand and came home with a lovely tree. The top broke off in transit and some of the branches are a bit - for lack of a more descriptive term, sticky-outy.

But I'll brave the stool and string the lights and try to make it look like the picture in my head.

And the kids will think it's lovely and the grandkids will be checking out the ornaments they gave me and the presents under the tree.

And Christmas will still come. Even if the tree is sometimes a little wonky.mMeantime, here's a before and after of the Tree of 2021.

At Christmas it's fun to watch Christmas movies and read Christmas books. I don't have a huge inventory of Christmas books. In fact, I only have two. But I thought I would share those with you in case you haven't had a chance to read them.

A Family's Christmas -

This Place -

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