A Haunting Melody

May 11, 2021

It's been a few busy weeks up here. Had the grandkids over spring break. Spring is here. Robins, geese and ducks. We've been trying to make some camping plans for the summer.

I love camping with the family. Packing up and heading out. We often stay at a small lake close to our home and camp with my husband's family. Someone usually had packed a canoe or kayak or two that we'll take out. Going out in evenings are the best. The sun is dipping toward the horizon, the air grows cool and still and, if we are fortunate, we get to hear the most hauntingly beautiful bird-song. It's the cry of a loon and when the scene is perfect, and it's quiet, the sound echoes around the lake.

In my book, A Family's Promise, my hero and heroine go for a canoe ride and I got to recreate this most amazing scene. I don't know if you know what a loon looks or sounds like, but here is a picture. Below that, I've included a recording of a loon cry. To me it's the sound of summer, of peace and contentment.

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