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Hi. My name is Leonard and this is my page. I have a hard time typing so I might not update it much. Or I might just tell my minion to do it for me. Her name is Carolyne in case you care about that kind of thing and she does my bidding. Usually.

I am growing up so fast!! I had a great summer exploring the farm! I can't wait to see what winter brings - follow along for my input on what Carolyne has to say in her usual newsletters - see below for updates of my life!

Time for a Pupdate


June 6. 2021 - Okay, okay, enough about stars and books. Let's get to the real star around here. Me.

 Life has been interesting here at the Aarsen's. I'm just sleeping and eating and getting bigger and cuter all the time. Last time I got dumped to the bottom of the e-mail. I'm moving up. One of these days I'll get top billing, like I do in the house.

Carolyne keeps trying to lure me into this teeny tiny crate she bought in hopes that she can pack me around when they have to go places. Not impressed, but I put up with her shenanigans. She puts food in there so I let her think she's in charge. Besides, food! And I figure she'll probably take the bigger crate anyhow.

I'm drowning in toys now ever since her daughter Fern came and decided I needed enrichment toys, which isn't a bad thing. As far as I'm concerned. I'm feeling more and more enriched all the time.

And Carolyne is having a little trouble keeping up on her writing and the housework and laundry. What can I say? I'm high needs and adorable.

But, a nap is calling me so I better go. See you next time.

Oh yeah, Carolyne has a little more she wants to say about some book she's got coming up. I let her have her moment....

July 8, 2021 -  Yes!!!  I made it to the top! (time out for Paw Bump). I knew my puppy persistence would pay.

Not that I have a whole lot to say. Life's great. I think I've got Carolyne trained to get me out the door on time when I have to do my business. So she's learning. I'm growing steady and I think Carolyne finally knows my name. Sheesh, took her long enough. I'm slowly exploring the farm, though those cows look kind of big to me. And the horses terrify me. But Rusty told me he would protect me if any of them got too close so, that's good.

Apparently Carolyne has something she wants to tell you so I'll go have a nap while she takes over the computer.

July 17, 2021 - Jeepers, Carolyne pushed me back down again! She just didn't like that I managed to get in on her newsletter before she got to the computer.

I'm not sleeping as much but I am exploring more. Life is pretty good. Rusty, the other dog, is getting used to me. We have fun together even though Carolyne is annoyed that some of our fun takes place in her flower bed. She finally clued in and put a fence around her flower bed. And, to tire me out, she's been taking me for walks. Here I am on the gravel road they live on.

I got a bit wet running through the grass so I look a little ragged but Carolyne say's I'm as cute as ever so I'll take her word for it.

July 27, 2021 - I don't know why Carolyne is so fussed about those Lillies. She has lots more. I think. Anyhow, she didn't get too upset with me. How could she? Look at this face?

She took me camping which was exhausting and then took me on a road trip where I did her a favour by sleeping all the way down to Innisfail (A three hour drive) and then all the way back. I didn't even trash the car when she made a quick stop at Costco. Too busy sleeping.

My legs are getting longer and I've discovered that the stuff she puts up on the coffee table aren't out of reach anymore. Fooled her! But mostly I listen when she says no. She's kind of bossy that way.

Anyhow, I'm going to go outside and play with Rusty and try to stay out of the flower beds.

August 10, 2021 - Life's been pretty good lately. I got to go on a few trips while Rusty, the other dog, was out in the mountains.

I've developed a new hobby. Shoes. I really like shoes. I like dragging them around and I like chewing on them. Just a little mind you. For some reason Carolyne doesn't like that too much. Mostly because I usually only take one shoe leaving her to try to figure out where the other one is.

But I do get to hang out in the new office with Carolyne which is pretty clutch. And, even better, because I'm small, cute and adorable and don't shed. I, ahem, get to lay on the rug in the living room.  Rusty does not get to lay on the rug. 

Because he sheds. Did I mention, I don't shed? Australian Labradoodle forever!

For now I hope to someday end up in a book. After all, cute.... 

Until next time.

August 17, 2021 - Leonard has been busy growing and sleeping and chewing and eating. So he's taking a break this time. I told him he would disappoint his fans but he just yawned and went back to sleep.

September 8, 2021 - Carolyne likes her bike and I've been trying to point out to her that some people carry their dogs in a special carrier on the back.

She hasn't fallen for it.

So I get left behind while she wanders the country.

I can't complain too much. I did get to go along on a boat trip down the river when the grandsons were up for awhile.

That was fun.

But I would still like to go along on the bike!

October 5, 2021 -  It's been awhile since I got to show up in a newsletter. My life has been kind of uneventful. Carolyne's left me alone a couple of times  to go to the city to see her mother, so I'm happy to see her when she comes back. Sometimes her daughter comes with her dog Annie who is pretty cute too, so that's fun. She's the white and black dog in this picture.

Me and Carolyne still go for walks and I love to run in the bush when we go out on the trail a few miles from the house. Last week I got a bit confused in the trees off the trail and Carolyne got worried because I didn't come back to her. She was calling me and calling me and then she thought I was lost. So she kind of panicked and ran for home. Well as fast as she can run with her sore knee so, not so fast. She was going to head out on the ATV and go looking for me. But silly her, I know my way home and when she got to the yard, there I was. I think she was crying a bit when she saw me. So I think she still likes me. Which is a good thing. I like her. Even if she leaves me alone sometimes.. Anyhow, life's good out here on the farm.

October 19, 2021 - I've been neglected lately. Carolyne was busy with her mother's 90th birthday and her own birthday and Canadian Thanksgiving, so not as many walks as I'd like. But then, I've been sleeping a lot lately. Probably another growth spurt.

But, even worse, there's a new creature on the farm that has been getting a lot of attention. Some kitten whose mother lived on the farm here but then disappeared. So that means Carolyne has been feeding it and cuddling it and making silly noises when she holds it. Thank goodness it will probably be going to the grandkids place. They won't even let me chew on it. Sheesh.

I'll be glad to see it leave then I can get all the attention again.

November 17, 2021 - Well, Carolyne has discovered that I don't travel well. A week ago they took me on a five hour trek to visit the grandkids. They wanted to see me so Carolyne and The Guy took me along.

But, I wasn't a happy dog. I got sooooooo car sick. In fact, Carolyne looked at me sitting in the back of the car and said, "Leonard is the very definition of sick as a dog". 

She talked to the vet and he gave me some pills but they don't work real well. He also said that I will probably outgrow it. I hope so because they used to take me all over the place.

Anyhow, I guess I'll be sticking close to home until things get better and I don't get so car sick anymore.

December 14, 2021 - I've been dealing with some pain and humiliation the past few days.  Carolyne took me to the vet. They put me under and when I woke up, well, I was missing a few parts. There's a bunch of stitches I really want to lick but Carolyne won't let me. She put this ridiculous cone on me but I kept crashing into things with it.

So, then her daughter came up with the idea of rolling up a towel, wrapping it around my neck and securing it with duct tape. I look like an idiot. But I can't get it off. And then she takes a picture of me to boot! It sure better not end up on the family Christmas card.

Apparently I only need to wear it for a few more days and then I'm free. In the meantime, please do not judge me.

We Sit on Guard

April 12, 2022 - Hey all, Leonard here. This is me and my pal, Rusty, keeping watch over the farm while Carolyne is inside vacuuming and washing the floor and not letting us, with our dirty paws, in the house. Especially, she said, after she washed the floor.


The snow is slowly going away, but that mean's its melting which means puddles which means - me and Rusty have to check them out.

The end result being, I don't get to come into the house until my paws dry up. So in the meantime me and Rusty decided to make sure that no vehicles drive by on the road without us letting everyone know. Not on our watch!

(Carolyne said I'm supposed to say Rusty and I, but I'm a dog. Not a grammarian)

Leonard and Rusty on deck.jpeg
Leonard and Calf.jpeg

So Carolyne was going to do a before and after photo of me before I went to the groomer, but as she was putting together this newsletter I heard her sound very angry and then come flying out of her computer room. She grabbed me, shoved me into the car (which I hate going into) and then while she was driving like a bit of a maniac down the gravel roads, she called the groomer, going on about how sorry she was but she was going to be late. I guess she just lost track of time which is what happens when she's on the computer. 

Instead of a before pic, you get to see me here with one of the new baby calves. Almost my size! For now. Anyhow, I still get car sick but Carolyne keeps telling me I should relax. I wish I could, but the way she was driving.....

Anyhow, hopefully some day it won't make me feel so yucky.

Leonard - shaved.jpeg

June 21, 2022 - Woa - wait a minute - that is a different dog in the pictures...

I'm Rusty

Leonard said I was allowed to show up - just for now - and say a bit. Leonard is okay, but he does like to talk about himself. Me. I just bark. And bark. And bark. Until someone lets me in the house.

Oh yeah, I also LOVE helping to move the cows. And feed the cows. I bark at the tires of the tractor. It's an important job.

Leonard's Lines

Oh, that Rusty dog. I'm so glad I'm not like him. I just hang around, sleep and lope after Carolyne when she goes for a walk. Which she doesn't do enough as far as I'm concerned. Sometimes she comes outside and I get all excited and all she does is go and weed her flower bed, rake up dirt from where Rusty was digging (Did I tell you it's NOT me that does that?) water her flowers, then go back inside and sit at her computer some more. Don't know what's so interesting about staring at a screen when she could be out here, barking at the cows and horses and the tractors that drive by. Or chasing squirrels.

But she seems to enjoy it. Anyhow, life has been pretty good. Other than a trip to the vet the other day. Driving in the car still makes me sick. Sigh. I just wish Carolyne would leave me at home so me and Rusty can bark at cows and horses and tractors going by.